CDM Course

Certification in Digital Marketing

This digital marketing course in Pune is conducted jointly by Deshpee Training Institute and M.E.Society's Institute of Management and Career Courses (IMCC). The primary goal of this course is to train students, entrepreneurs, and learners with practical digital marketing skills to help them seize new opportunities and excel in their fields. Acting digital marketing professionals from Deshpee will be the trainers for this course and the course management is with IMCC.

  • There will only be up to 30 students in each batch.
  • Weekdays batch for Monday, Wednesday and Friday and weekend batch for Saturday and Sunday is available.
  • The course will be of 12 weeks, with 2-3 lectures each week of around 3 hours each.
  • The course will be conducted in the IMCC campus.
  • This course is paperless and conducted using computers only.
  • There will be a 1-hour special lecture on career development at the end of the course.
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